At NOT THAT DEEP we are committed to doing what we can to move towards a sustainable and eco friendly supply chain. Whilst we are a way from that at the moment, we have made some strides in areas that we can that are possible within budget and whilst managing to keep our products at a fairly accessible price point. Below is our current roadmap towards sustainability.


We are hand screen printing our own samples where possible, shooting the items and then sharing with customers to allow pre order. We will release products on a predominantly pre order basis to avoid unnecessary wastage and garment production, whilst keeping a 'core collection' of items that are our signature pieces.

We will move towards waterbased screenprinting where possible - i.e only use plastisol if we have an arm print or a design that is outside of our / or our printers capacity to print without plastisol.

We use local embroiders / screenprinters where possible, and drop off / pick up garments to our manufacturers in our fully electric vehicle to save on emissions when possible.

We use organic cotton garments where possible and within budget to keep the items within the desired price point that our customers expect.

Our clothing packaging is fully recyclable / biodegradable. We use recyclable cardboard boxes and tissue paper with biodegradable stickers / tape / eco friendly inks.

We take items to and from the postal office in a fully electric vehicle.

A tree is planted for every order made with us using the Ecologi app - you can see our progress here!


We plan to switch to solely waterbased screenprinting inks.

We plan to move to only using organic / sustainable garments with fully transparent ethical chain.

We are always open to suggestions so please feel free to DM us on insta with any ideas as to how we can be more sustainable!