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‘What can I learn from this experience?’

‘I need direction, what should I do next?’

‘How can I be more successful?’ 

Life has some big questions, and sometimes we need a fun tool to help us explore them.

The BOSS MAGIC oracle cards are packed with symbolic imagery – each card has its own meaning and will reveal a new layer of understanding to your question. It’s not fortune telling, it’s more like helping you tap into your own intuition to help make decisions and focus.

To start:

1. Shuffle the pack and while you’re shuffling, think about the questions you’d like answers to, and take a moment to set your intentions for your session (for example, I would like to finish this reading feeling like I have clarity on X).

2. You’ll need a card spread. Below are some easy ones to get you going.

3. Turn over the cards and observe what they mean to you in the position they are laid. For example, you have the 'handcuffs' card in the position of past. Take a moment to observe what the image represents to you and how that may apply to your past.

4. If you want some guidance on what the cards represent, click here to see our full card descriptions.