NOT THAT DEEP® is a spiritual streetwear brand focused around Manifesting, Law of Attraction, Spirituality and mindset, with each piece bringing a positive mantra or affirmation.

Basically, if you have your zodiac sign or an evil eye emoji in your bio, we got you covered babes ;)

We were born out of 'it's not that deep' becoming our life mantra. It's helps us get back in the game during the dark times and its kept us humble when it gets PEAK.

We speak to a community of people who want to enjoy the short time that we are here on earth by connecting with our spirituality, trusting the universe and not taking any of this shit too seriously - whilst wearing cosy AF, bold and colourful garms. 


NTD is Co-founded by husband and wife team Sarah and Jason Akwisombe.

Sarah is a Sunday Times Bestselling author on the subject of manifesting and always wanted to combine her two loves of Streetwear and Spirituality.

Jason's career started in legal administration and hospitality management, and Sarah began in the music industry as a producer and recording artist with her own label. She then went on to work for various tech startups and started an interior design blog which led to her building a profile as an influencer in the design field.

In 2015, they began an online education business NO BULL BUSINESS SCHOOL, where they helped thousands of women start small businesses.

After a wildly successful but rocky 2020, they decided to make their way back to creativity and found a way to combine their two loves - Streetwear and spirituality.

With their two strengths - Sarah's creative vision and Jasons' methodical approach to finance and operations, they make a perfect team, both in business and at home to their two girls, Marley and Mia.

YinYang baby!